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hook you. from that morning on, u.s. like paying your cable bill. something you have to have. remember that, cut the cord? no one is cutting the time' cord. they made it interactive enough, it's tv like. lots of video content. enkik lopedic. and they could charge a fortune for online real estate ads some of much real estate in the best market in the world is actually sold right through them. wait until they listen to me tonight and then switch to that model. probably will happen. i think the subscription price might be far more inelastic than i thought or they thought. i don't know a soul that wouldn't pay more rather than lose it. this company has been paring down noncore assets for some time in august, they sold and got $300 million for it. they are in good enough shape cash wise there is the possibility of a dividend. that was the hint in the conference call. one more thing, this story is back stopped. now that the times is selling the globe, the company could ultimately bought by a soon to be retired mayor bloomberg. someone that the family would bless as an owner. like w
's incorrect. >> caller: no, obama likes solar for u.s. economic reconstruction, and energy holdings recently made the largest national investment in solar at $2 billion. are sety and sbwr good to buy? >> sbwr i'm not that crazy about. solar city i have to do work on. you know, it was my birthday recently. my kids said happy birthday, you got to get a solar panel. it's like solar city, like circuit -- i don't want to do that, but how about party city? that's not there, either. but i will tell you that i think the solar city is on to something. if you can get money to put a solar panel on and cut my electric bill, you would be plenty happy. matt in texas, matt? >> hi, jim. boo-yah from austin. >> man, austin, we had such a great time when we were in austin, at u.t. it was fantastic. what's up? >> caller: hey, i'm a longtime shareholder of unh. despite, due to medicare, is a small book of business, which is down over 6%. do you think you have growth strategy, and in particular international expansion or enough to offset obamacare? >> no, no, these stocks open down and down big. you get this med
jobs are at stake. you can't be heartless about this. the discretionary part of the u.s. budgeet skewed toward military spending and even though the iraq war is over and afghanistan is winding down, the defense department has not turned its back. judging by what they plan on going after in order to do so, 800,000 civilian jobs instead of huge overhead of projects meant to fight the soviet union, japan and, germany, the defense department is going to scare congress. no matter that my old pal and partner, larry kudlow has a terrific piece on today, which points out the entire harm from the sequester this year might come to $44 million, and that's just a quarter of 1% of our gdp. my worries is that the fed will take notice and not do the wrong thing if we go over the sequestration cliff. we know the conclusion of the payroll tax holiday, and the rising gas prices are weighing on the consumer. do you think the fed saw this coming last month when things were rosier? is this when they bail on plans to help the economy and start hurting it? the fed chief is sticking by 6.5% unemployme
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)